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Site updated: November 24, 2014

Photos in the slideshow above are from spring and summer 2014 trips to British Columbia, Russia and Quebec.

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Archived slideshows can be accessed via the PHOTOGRAPHY menu.

2015 Travel: It's time to book for next year! And once again I'm excited to have a packed calendar of hosted trips to the world's best waters for sea-run fish. Check out the full list, including two great Atlantic salmon summer options. As always, drop me a line anytime for details.

A New Book: I'm excited to announce the arrival of a beautiful, new, self-published book! Lords of the North: Impressions of the Arctic & Its Reigning Fish draws on my two visits to the Ekaluk River in the Canadian Arctic and is now available for purchase from this site. Check it out and order your copy to enjoy a look at one of North America's most remarkable flyfishing destinations.

Framed Prints at Special Prices: I have an inventory of beautiful, framed display prints now available at special prices. Have a look.

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