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Found in a River: Steelhead & Other Revelations

(Published 2003, Frank Amato Publications, Hardcover)

Found in a River presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in a journey. To wade into the river and witness an angler’s physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual trek “through thickets of thorns,” “beneath leering boulders” and into the “foggy-shrouded dawn.” All in search of one of angling’s holiest of grails — steelhead on a fly.

Along the way you may find, as did the author, a treasure of meaning and a deep appreciation for one of nature’s most exquisite creatures. And in your discovery, you may find yourself, as did the author, grappling with “a riddle for which neat answers do not exist.”

This poetic and pictorial history portrays the development of a steelhead flyfisher and committed conservationist. It speaks to and for flyfishers and all manner of outdoor enthusiasts whose dedication to the rivers and wild places they love represents the greatest and most enduring hope for the survival of our natural heritage.

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